Dinotaeng depicts the story of tiny village named 'Marshville'. The mischievous residents, who are full of energy, have one life goal - to find the best marshmallow! Always joyful and sometimes clumsy, our villagers resolves obstacles with humour and originality, treating every occasion as gleeful experiments of life’s possibilities. Join Quokka, Bobo and Marsh in their search and share some of their positive energy along the way .


다이노탱은 다양한 브랜드, 기업과의 즐거운 협업을 기다립니다.
협업 및 프로젝트 관련 내용은 이메일을 통해 문의 주세요.


도매 및 협찬, 홀세일 문의는 아래의 메일을 통해 문의주세요.



서울시 강남구 강남대로 160길 18 3층
3F, 18, Gangnam-daero 160-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea [06034]

Dinotaeng 2018-2023

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